Don't Do it

Things not to do

  1. Do not believe everything on the internet
  2. Do not seek alternative treatments
  3. Don’t panic
  4. Don’t be self-doctor
  5. Don’t be part of the gathering
  6. Do not spit anywhere
  7. Avoid using public transport.
  8.  Do not touch your face, nose, and mouth often.
  9. Do not share personal items like:
    • phones
    • makeup
    • combs
  10. The CDC and the FDA do not recommend using soap, detergent, or commercial produce wash on things like fruits and vegetables.
  11. Don’t allow the outsider to be in your homes like maids or helpers or cooks.
  12. Avoid shaking hands while greeting.
  13. Don’t Dispose of used napkin or tissue paper in open areas.
  14. Avoid Touching surfaces usually used by the public (Railing, door, gate).
  15. Avoid proning just after the food.
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