Long Pepper

Piper (Long pepper)

  • Scientific name : Piper longum
  • Common name: Pipali
  • Parts used: Fruit, roots
  • Chemical constituent: Piperine is a major alkaloid isolated from the longumfruits and has been reported to inhibit the release of Th-2-mediated cytokines, eosinophil infiltration, and airway hyper-responsiveness in an ovalbumin-induced asthma model.

Medicinal Use:

  • Roots and fruits used in respiratory tract diseases, as a counter-irritant and analgesic, muscular pains and inflammations.
  • Fruit is used in cough cold, respiratory problems, skin diseases, dyspepsia, in hormonal imbalances, to treat tumors. It is added to many medicines which are used to treat TB, tumors, skin disorder and diabetes.
  • Trikatuis a combination of three acrid substances: Piper nigrum known as black pepper, Piper longum known as long pepper, and Zingiber officinale known as ginger. This combination is used in more than 1500 Ayurveda formulations. Trikatu is used as a drug of choice in various diseases of Vata and Kapha.
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