Indian gooseberry (Amla)

  • Scientific name: Phyllanthus emblica
  • Common name: Amla
  • Parts used: fruits

Chemical composition:

  • Hydrolysable Tannins- Emblicanin A and B, Punigluconin, Pedunculagin, Chebulinic acid (Ellagitannin), Chebulagic acid (Benzopyran tannin), Corilagin (Ellagitannin), Geraniin (Dehydroellagitannin), Ellagotannin
  • Alkaloids Phyllantine, Phyllembein, Phyllantidine
  • Phenolic compounds Gallic acid, Methyl gallate, Ellagic acid, Trigallayl glucose
  • Amino acids Glutamic acid, Proline, Aspartic acid, Alanine, Cystine, Lysine
  • Carbohydrates Pectin
  • Vitamins Ascorbic acid
  • Flavonoids Quercetin, Kaempferol
  • Organic acids Citric acid

Medicinal Properties:

  • Richest source of Vitamin C.
  • Potent Anti-oxidant and a tonic against respiratory infections – cough, cold.
  • Reduce oxidation of cholesterol and antiplatelet.
  • Anti-microbial activity.
  • It is used in delaying the degenerative and senescence-related processes
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