Black Pepper

  • Scientific name: Piper nigrum
  • Common name: Kali mirch
  • Parts used: fruit

Chemical Composition:

  • Black pepper is composed of carbohydrate of 37.4%, proteins of 25.5%, fibres of 23.6%, moisture of 4.7% and fat of 5.3%, as well as minerals, including 0.66% potassium (K), 0.20% calcium (Ca), 0.16% phosphorus and 0.16% magnesium (Mg). The main volatile flavour compounds in black pepper are terpenes, and black pepper oils contain nitrogen-containing compounds. Key odorants of black pepper are α- and β-pinene, myrcene, α-phellandrene, limonene, linalool, methyl propanal, 2- and 3-methylbutanal, butyric acid and 3-methylbutyric acid.

Medicinal Properties:

  • Common cold and cough.
  • It stimulates appetite, gives relief in indigestion and nausea.
  • Piperine assist in cognitive brain functioning, boost nutrient’s absorption and improve gastrointestinal functionality. It is used as antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, gastro-protective, and antidepressant activities of black pepper.
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