Feeling Sick

What to do, if I feel sick?

Kindly do the following in case, you are feeling sick:

  1. Check your body temperature using a clinical thermometer, generally kept at home.
  2. Check, if you have a sore throat or running nose.
  3. Check, if you have body aches.
  4. Check, if you have trouble breathing.

If all/most of these symptoms are there, there are chances that you have caught the coronavirus.

In this case, consult a family doctor first, don’t rush to get the tests conducted as during the early stage, the virus may not be diagnosed.

Isolate yourself and take proper medication as prescribed by the family doctor.

Keep Calm and don’t panic.

Keep checking your temperature and oxygen level using a pulse oximeter.

In case, the oxygen level drops below 95, immediately consult a doctor and don’t panic.

Take proper food, avoid chilled items like cold drinks, ice cream, etc.

Take rest and stay hydrated. Do proning exercises to help maintain the oxygen level as prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. (The guide can be downloaded from here)

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